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Source: waikato milking systems 

Monitoring a dairy herd is a 24-hour job but an agri-tech company is automating critical functions to ease the pressure, reduce labour and give back more time to farmers.

Waikato Milking Systems introduced its CowTRAQ™ Collars and its TracHQ™ software to the Australian market in May 2021, in partnership with dairy management technology company Nedap.

CowTRAQ™ Collars identify each cow in a herd and keep track of their signs of heat, position, eating, rumination, standing, lying, walking and inactive behavior 24/7.

The collars provide a precise and complete picture about the fertility, health, well-being and nutritional status of each cow in each herd.

Waikato Milking Systems regional manager for Australia, Rob Spencer, said the functionality of the collars offered farmers a chance to improve in several areas.

“We’re talking about a herd’s reproduction results, increased labor efficiency as well as farm management to get a more productive and sustainable herd.

“Better cow health and condition is also an important area where the collars can make a difference, by detecting health issues earlier.

“That means treatment and recovery can be more effective, fertility can improve and long-term it can reduce mortality rates.”

Rob said the data collected by the collars could save on costs and gave cows the individual attention they needed.

“Farmers can focus resources on the cows that really need attention, at the right time, with the correct treatment.

“The data can help farmers keep a close eye on the health, comfort and wellbeing of their animals while increasing production using the same or fewer resources.”

The data from each collar is continuously collected by an antenna which has a range of at least 75 meters around the parlor and 250 meters when placed outside for grazing cows.

TracHQ™ is the software driving the CowTRAQ™ collars. It translates the data into information the operator can understand and easily view on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Everyone working on the farm with a connected device can have access to real-time information and insights.

TracHQ™ can generate real-time and relevant alerts, to-do lists, reports and maps to help manage and control the herd.

“TracHQ™ also integrates with our range of milking point controls, milk indicators, milk meters and milk analytical sensors.

“It can also connect with our automated systems to sort animals that are either on heat or have an alert that has been raised against their number.”

TracHQ™ is a modular solution so upgrading to include auto sorting and integration to milking solutions and feeding is simple, when the operator is ready to make that move.

With a three year, 100 per cent replacement warranty, and graded warranty thereafter, CowTRAQ™ and TracHQ™ is a technology package farmers can trust and rely on.

Typically the operating life is eight to 10 years so it outperforms and goes the distance.

Rob said the new technology would help farmers improve their bottom line by making data-driven decisions.

“Together, CowTRAQ™ and TracHQ™ give farmers an all-in-one, 24/7 cow management system to help them meet the challenges of operating a modern dairy farm.”