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We are proud to be a Waikato Milking Systems Dealer, it is important to us that we work with a local company who understands our local market, who understands the issues facing the local farmer, and who will support both us as the local representative and you the farmer as the customer. Waikato Milking Systems has for many years shown itself to be the leader in innovation in dairy technology with such leading edge systems such as Smart D–TECT SMARTSPRAY and the FRONTIER Dairy Herd Management system, and now the new, patented Centrus Composite Platform which is the world’s first composite and Kevlar rotary milking platform.

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Pulsation Options

Pulsation technology significantly effects the well being and production of a dairy herd and the efficiency of a milking machine. Choosing the right pulsation technology increases milk production and helps keep udders healthy.

Cluster Washing

An effective Cluster wash system ensures the hygiene and longevity of you milking equipment.

Cup Removers Options

Cup Remover OptionsCup Removers relieve an operator of the task of detaching clusters from the udder. Not only do our solutions reduce labour costs, they ensure cows are not over milked.

Cluster Sets

Cluster includes the liners, shells and claw. Choosing the right combination is crucial to ensuring udder health and optimum milk out.

Smart Products

The latest range in high performance milking technologies. Each is the best in its class and together form an integrated system designed to deliver more control, performance and longevity in the dairy.
Our latest components are the Smart Products range. Each is the best in its class, but the real power of the Smart Product range is its modularity. The Smart range has been designed as an integrated system, with modules able to be added to upgrade your milking system as you require. Together, they provide seamless performance to your milking operations.