Efficient Management of your farm’s Water Supply

With water being such a vital resource on farm, proper management of your supply and usage is vitally important, you can rely on Hutchies to both keep your existing equipment up and running and to supply you with the best and most suitable new plant for your ongoing requirements.

We choose to work with Grundfos pumps as they offer great value for money for the very high quality of pump and extensive range covering everything from the home to the most complex farming requirements. Grundfos as a company are committed to manufacturing responsibly, with particular care taken around material selection. At the end of the pumps useful life, the raw materials can be separated and recycled. The recycling percentage of a typical Grundfos pump is between 90 and 98%.

DAB’s company values reveal a successful blend of tradition and innovation; the group has almost 140 years of combined experience so like Hutchies has built a proud tradition of reliability. We have found DAB pumps to be great value for money and reliable.


As the Waikato agents for Alpine Pure, Hutchies can supply you with anything from a small under bench domestic water filter to a whole farm system. Whatever your requirements talk to Hutchies first for a quality product at a great price.