Automatic teat spraying designed specifically for rotaries.

SmartSPRAY is an automatic teat spray system for rotary platforms. Positioned in every bail and activated by a signal from an electronic cup remover, SmartSPRAY overcomes the issues of manual teat spraying. SmartSPRAY ensures complete teat coverage no matter what position the cow stands in the bail.

Two spray nozzles carefully positioned in each bail cater for a wide variety of animal sizes. SmartCONTROL allows you to program the spray duration and spray delay. Cows are sprayed with the right amount of teat spray at precisely the right time and soon after cluster removal.


  • Dual nozzle S-Bullet at each bail
  • Adjusted from SmartCONTROL touch screen interface
  • Adjustable spray duration
  • Adjustable spray delay
  • Adjustable spray pressure up to a maximum of 4 bar
  • Powerful 230V electric pump system with pressure gauge
  • 24V Stainless Steel solenoid valves
  • Manual fill from side of platform


  • Individual bail operation via SmartECR or Frontier
  • Maximises spray success – spray occurs while teat orifice is most vulnerable
  • Ensures complete teat coverage
  • Replaceable spray nozzles
  • Totally enclosed system
  • Bullets can be bonded to any deck material

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