Smart LINK

Connect your SmartD-TECT to Protrack Vantage.

SmartLINK is a new product from Waikato Milking Systems designed to connect SmartD-TECT to Protrack Vantage. SmartLINK is the data gateway that links our products with your external herd management solutions and drafting controls. Used with Waikato Milking Systems’ SmartD-Tect mastitis detection product, SmartLINK connects the data collected to LIC’s Protrack Vantage system, allowing your information to be consolidated and analysed seamlessly.

Using this technology allows both systems to integrate and share information. Drafting becomes automatic and cow management much easier with the help of an audible alarm at cups on. Made specifically for rotary installation, SmartLINK is a must have if SmartD-TECT and Protrack Vantage are employed.


  • Robust design for dairy shed application
  • Remote wireless interface
  • High performance data gateway
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Secure management


  • Connects your data to LIC’s Protrack
  • Saves event data to MINDA
  • Allows consolidation of data between systems
  • Analysing your data becomes seamless

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