SmartDRIVE Vacuum Pump Controller

Save energy and reduce costs by dynamically controlling your vacuum pump.

A Waikato SmartDrive variable speed vacuum pump controller is a specialised control system designed to dynamically control the operation of your vacuum pump. Using digital sensors the milking system vacuum is continually monitored and the vacuum pump speed adjusted according to airflow demand. A highly advanced device, the SmartDRIVE Vacuum Pump Controller works best with a positive displacement vacuum pump by taking advantage of its instantaneous airflow response capability. Our controller not only helps improve milking but also saves valuable energy and reduces pump maintenance costs.


  • Enclosed in high quality stainless steel, lockable cabinet Touch screen displays green under normal conditions – switches to red if fault detected
  • Selectable Milk or Wash mode
  • Vacuum stability greater than standard regulator system
  • When connected a Waikato BP series provides instantaneous speed adjustment


  • Stable vacuum improves milking and utter health
  • Constant set point milking vacuum is assured
  • Power savings of up to 47%
  • Easily Program changes or software updates
  • Low vacuum pump speed noise and no regulator air intake means quieter milking environment
  • Lower vacuum pump speed results in less pump wear and extended pump service intervals

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