Mastitis alert system.

SmartD-TECT is a breakthrough in mastitis identification technology. No other system automatically tests each quarter individually during milking to accurately notify the operator of potential mastitis cases. SmartD-TECT replaces a regular pulsation system in the dairy. The design is discrete, milking time and yeild is not affected and the technology can be retrofitted or installed into any conventional milking system. The sensitivity can be adjusted to suit and the onset of mastitis identified up to four days before visual signs are evident; giving you the ability to make decision on your animals before they cost you in lost productivity.

SmartD-TECT is adjusted via SmartCONTROL – the global touch-screen control interface for all “Smart” technologies. From here sensitivity settings can be altered to work towards individual mastitis management goals. SmartD-TECT links with LIC’sProtrack Vantage to load results to the database and automatically draft problem cows for inspection. On rotary platforms SmartECR and SmartD-TECT integrate to control the BailMate ram. If SmartD-TECT identifies a problem the cow is presented back to the operator for inspection – a perfect solution for a one manned operation.


  • Integrates with any conventional milking system
  • Sensitivity easily adjusted
  • Whisper quiet pulsators
  • Easy installation
  • Discrete design


  • Proven early mastitis detection
  • Automatic operation
  • Detects any abnormalities between quarters
  • Integrates with SmartECR’s

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