Electronic Air Injector

Precise and repeatable wash process.

Air Injector digitally controls your wash system with maximum flexibility. Both the air blast time and the cycle timing can be adjusted independent of each other and it is versatile enough to work with any milking machine where a slug wash system is used. This type of adjustability ensures a precise wash system set-up and a repeatable wash process every time.


  • Latest electronically controlled SMART software
  • Push-over mounting to fit onto 32mm stainless steel tube
  • 10 Individual settings
  • Adjustable electronic timing
  • Easy clean sponge filter
  • 12 and 24 volt power options
  • Silicon diaphragms
  • Maximum capacity 4500 Lpm


  • Easily adjusted air flow
  • High turbulence for effective cleaning
  • Retrofits onto most milking systems
  • Alternating models available
  • Low maintenance

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