Blower Vacuum Pump

Waikato Blower Vacuum Pumps are proven to be robust, reliable and the best source of vacuum for any dairy.

The Waikato Milking System range of blower vacuum pumps are designed to be robust and reliable. Designed specifically for vacuum applications and suited to dairy farm conditions, the four pump sizes available offer airflow from 1000 to 11500 Litres per minute. With this type of capacity, only 1 pump is required for even the largest dairy.

Optioned with a variable speed drive like the Waikato SmartDRIVE device, the blower pump will operate quietly while producing reliable on demand vacuum and speed control.


  • Provide reliable vacuum supply
  • Four pump sizes available (BP140, BP 200, BP 400, BP 500)
  • Airflow capacity from 1000 to 11500 Litres per minute
  • Heavy duty design


  • Low maintenance
  • No oil required
  • Clean Environmental friendly
  • Works well with SmartDRIVE controller

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